Refrigerated Chef Base (2 Drawer 48″)


Refrigerated Chef Base (2 Drawer 48″)


Refrigerated Chef Base (2 Drawer 48″)

The dimensions for the chef base are 48″ W X 32″ T X 26.6″ D.

The two drawer refrigerated chef base makes food preparation conveniently faster by providing a cooled storage area for ingredients and a sturdy base to support your equipment!
Each drawer can hold two 12″ x 20″ full size pans up to 6″ deep (rented separately). PANS13, PANS14 & PANS15.

For added convenience, the drawers come with self-closing and stay-open features.

To stand up to the hardship of a busy kitchen and support equipment, this chef base has a stainless steel front, sides, and top.
The sturdy top also features a complete water edge to collect any excess water and other runoff.

It has a front-breathing design to allow zero-clearance installation in tighter spots.
It also comes with 4″ casters, making it easy to move for maintenence and cleaning.

Item shown is only a representation of equipment. Actual equipment may slightly vary.

This unit requires a 115V 20 Amp dedicated circuit for operation.

Delivery of this item is required due to the delicate nature of this equipment.

Manufacturer: North American

Item Number: CHEF01

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