Dunnage Rack (Aluminum)


Dunnage Rack (Aluminum)

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Dunnage Rack (Aluminum)

Essential for proper food storage and service, this heavy-duty dunnage rack is perfect for storing large or bulk food products off of the floor.

Its high tensile aluminum tube construction provides durability in addition to a 2,000 lb. load capacity.

This shelf sits 12″ above the floor, keeping items placed on the unit away from spills, dust, and dirt.

The tubes thickness is uniform throughout, guaranteeing sturdy and stable storage.

This rack allows users to maximize their storage space and meet sanitation requirements.

Its suitable for nearly any environment; it is approved for use in freezers, coolers, packing, and dry storage areas.

Rates range from $12 – $20 daily depending on width.

Dimensions: 36″, 48″ & 60″ W X 20″ D X 12″ H

Material: Aluminum

Manufacturer: Channel

Item Number: DUNN03