How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Although we can often serve you on the day your order, our inventory is first come, first serve. Therefore, as soon as you KNOW you want the equipment for your event, it is wise to reserve what you need well in advance.

May I send someone else to pick-up my order?

Yes, please call ahead with the information about whom we should expect to arrive. All contracts must be signed and payments made prior to releasing equipment to you or your representative

Can my rental equipment be placed upstairs on our patio or down the hill by the lake?

Because we prioritize safety, CaterRent does not deliver or pick-up from any location other than ground level & does not deliver upstairs or downstairs, or across grass or gravel.  We will deliver equipment to a flat, paved area where the liftgate on the truck is able to lower the equipment to the ground and then the equipment is able to be rolled into place.

What if I am not in control of the delivery dock/schedule at the delivery location?

CaterRent charges for waiting time when delivering and picking up.  Additional charges apply if a loading/unloading area is not available for the delivery vehicle. When making deliveries and pick-ups, CaterRent will not illegally park in any way. If instructed to do so by the customers’ representative, any citations received will be paid by the customer.

May I pick-up my order to save the delivery fee?

Yes, if it may be done safely. Please prepare your vehicle prior to arrival.  There must be sufficient space in the vehicle to load the equipment. A tarp or sheet of cardboard may be helpful to protect your vehicle interior and allow for sliding equipment in and out. Weight and dimensions of most rental equipment is available on our website. PLEASE measure the vehicle (including the opening for the hatch or door) to determine if the items will fit. Insufficient vehicle space will not excuse a cancellation fee if the equipment does not fit in the vehicle. When transporting equipment, all items must be carefully tied in and protected.  CaterRent reserves the right to not allow equipment to be picked up by the customer if the vehicle is insufficient to transport it safely.  Our staff are NOT required to load your rental equipment but will be happy to “assist” you. Please keep in mind that you will need to be able to unload the items when you arrive at your event site. CaterRent is NOT responsible for any damages to your vehicle that may happen while loading/unloading equipment.  If you are uncertain about using your own vehicle to transport, consider arranging for delivery & pick-up ahead of time.

Do I pay for the order at the time I place a reservation?

We charge your card one to two business days prior to when the equipment is scheduled to leave CaterRent. allowing additions and changes to your order may be captured with a single charge. The exception to this may be for large event orders when a down payment is necessary further in advance.

Many people ask if it’s appropriate to tip – you are welcome to tip what you feel is appropriate. 

What do I do if I have a question about my equipment during my event but the CaterRent office is closed?

CaterRent has a 24/7 technician on call for those who have our equipment out on rental. You may call the technician directly at 612-436-1499 or call the main phone number at 612-588-1188 and press option x to be transferred.

Is there an order minimum?

Yes, we have a $30 minimum order charge (plus tax.)

Will I be charged if I cancel all or part of my order?

CaterRent reserves the right to charge up to the entire rental fee for items/orders not cancelled at least 5 business days prior to the delivery or will call date. When equipment is reserved for you, it cannot be rented to anyone else. When a reservation is cancelled close to the order date, it is unlikely we will be able to recover that lost business.

Do I need a permit for my Propane equipment rental?

Whether or not you need a permit for operating propane equipment depends on several factors. First, it depends on the fire code of the city where the event is taking place. Next, if you are participating with a festival, permits may or may not be covered in the fees you pay to participate. Third, the quantity of propane required to operate the rental equipment may determine whether a permit is required.  Permits are required in the City of Minneapolis where CaterRent is located.