Glass Poco Grande (10.5 oz.)


Glass Poco Grande (10.5 oz.)


Glass Poco Grande (10.5 oz.)

Great for serving a blended cocktail or frozen margarita, this tall, curvy 10.5 oz. poco grande glass will make a definite impression!
Boasting a fluted bowl similar to a classic hurricane glass, this glass features a longer stem.

Perfectly clear glass can showcase colorful cocktails, while the wide, smooth rolled rim is perfect for fresh fruit garnishes and drink umbrellas.
The shape of this glass is both stylish and easy to grasp, while the wide base provides stability on tabletops.

Rented by the rack, with 25 per rack.

There is a $20 minimum for renting glassware.

Manufacturer: Libbey

Item Number: GLAS32

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