Banquet Cart for 120 Preplated Meals



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XL Banquet Cart for 120 Preplated Meals

Also called a “Hot Box” or “Pre-plate Unit”

Capacity: Plate size followed by qty
   10-1/2″ – 11-1/2″ — 120
   12″ — 90
   12-1/4″ – 12-3/4″ — 75

Dimensions: 32″D X 57″W X 70″H with 3 Shelves inside.

Electrical Requirements: Dedicated 120v 20 amp Circuit REQUIRED. Once Pre-Heated, the EnduraHeat unit may be unplugged and it will hold the heat. NO-STERNO

Delivery is required due to the delicate nature of this equipment.

Manufacturer: Carter-Hoffmann

Item Number: BANQ07

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