Glass Wine Goblet (17.5 oz. Red)


Glass Wine Goblet (17.5 oz. Red)


Glass Wine Goblet (17.5 oz. Red)

Designed with both sophistication and elegance in mind, this 17.5 oz. bolla grande wine glass is perfect for upscale catering events!
Boasting a broad, rounded design, this wine glass has a long, sturdy stem and wide foot for added stability.

Its superb clarity will add to all of your beverages, showcasing the vibrant colors and carbonation.
With a thick sham, the foot of this glass is balanced so you can rest it on trays, tabletops, or counters.

Rented by the rack, with 16 per rack.

There is a $20 minimum for renting glassware.

Manufacturer: Libbey

Item Number: GLAS51

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