Lexan Food Container


Lexan Food Container


Lexan Food Container

Ensure efficiency while increasing food safety in your establishment with these food pans!

Built to withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, and made of virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate, these food pans are designed to last.

Use them to store, transport, and serve all from the same pan – the clear complexion offers an easy-to-see option.

A uniform 1/2″ flange on these pans ensures a smooth fit in prep tables and food bars while the textured bottom resists scratching.

Inside the pan, a non-stick, smooth interior surface promotes easy cleaning.

These pans don’t react to food, minimizing the risk of a hazardous chemical or acidic reaction.

Food Container Full Size 2″ Item Number: FOOD07
Food Container Full Size 4″ Item Number: FOOD04
Food Container 1/2 Size 2″ Item Number: FOOD08
Food Container 1/2 Size 4″ Item Number: FOOD44
Food Container 1/2 Size 6″ Item Number: FOOD10
Food Container 1/3 Size 2″ Item Number: FOOD29
Food Container 1/3 Size 4″ Item Number: FOOD28
Food Container 1/3 Size 6″ Item Number: FOOD27
Food Container 1/4 Size 6″ Item Number: FOOD31
Food Container 1/6 Size 2″ Item Number: FOOD42
Food Container 1/6 Size 4″ Item Number: FOOD17
Food Container 1/6 Size 6″ Item Number: FOOD18
Food Container 1/9 Size 4″ Item Number: FOOD15

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Item Number: FOOD07

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