Bowls (Mixing Various Sizes)


Bowls (Mixing Various Sizes)

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Bowls (Mixing Various Sizes)

These are our mixing bowls varying in size from a 4 oz. ingredient bowl up to a massive 30 Qt. mixing bowl.

Great from mixing up cake batter to pancake batter to mixing up meatloaf or a salad, these bowls can do it all.

Rates vary from $1 – $10 daily depending on which item you choose to rent.

Material: Stainless Steel

4 oz ingredient bowl, Item Number: BOWL34

1/2 Qt. Item Number: BOWL35

1 Qt. Item Number: BOWL19

4 Qt. Item Number: BOWL30

13 Qt. Item Number: BOWL05

16 Qt. Item Number: BOWL33

30 Qt. Item Number: BOWL51

Manufacturer: Various

Item Number: BOWL51