Bowls (Pebble Pattern)


Bowls (Pebble Pattern)

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Bowls (Pebble Pattern)

Enhance your event with this pebble acrylic salad bowl that features a timeless look.

The design of this bowl displays your signature salads in style!

You can also serve an array of fresh fruit, pasta dishes, and more.

Offering the upscale apperance of glass without the risk this acrylic bowl is great for any event.

It’s pebble design adds a sense of freshness that suits any setting.

Prices range from $5 – $7.50 (daily rate) depending on bowl size.

5.5 Qt, 13″ x 4″ Item Number:BOWL09
7.5 Qt, 14″ x 4.5″ Item Number: BOWL13
10 Qt, 16″ x 5″ Item Number: BOWL08
14 Qt, 18″ x 6″ Item Number: BOWL14
16 Qt, 19″ x 6″ Item Number: BOWL02
40 Qt, 24″ X 7.5″ Item Number: BOWL41

Material: Acrylic (Plastic)

Manufacturer: Cal-Mil

Item Number: BOWL41