Portion Blending 1/2 Gallon System



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Portion Blending 1/2 Gallon System for smoothies/margaritas

The Vitamix Portion Blending System can hold up to four 12-ounce drinks at a time.

To create your one-of-a-kind Smoothie, you can use a pre-made mix, fresh fruit, frozen fruit or ice cream.
Ice stays cold in the double-insulated, 5-gallon ice bin that portions ice out based on weight.
Creating a consistent drink is easy since this unit comes with programmable touch pad controls.

The clear, stackable Advance container has a unique shape that makes pouring drinks smoother and faster.
The plastic construction of the Vitamix Portion Blending System is easily cleaned.
This is an NSF blender so it works great in a commercial kitchen.

This blender REQUIRES a 120 Volt 15 Amp dedicated circuit.
This unit weighs around 60lbs.

Manufacturer: Vita Mix Corp.
Item Number: BLEN05

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