Cupcake Tree, Wooden, top 5 Tiers


Item #CAKE18

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This 5 Tier Cupcake Tree is made of individual flat layers so they may be stacked tall or set up seperately to display cupcakes, cakes, or pastries.

The individual layer measurements are listed below:
10 1/2″

The height between levels measures 5″.

These 5 levels combined, will hold about 140 cupcakes.

The 6th and 7th layer are available for an additional fees.
CAKE19 = 30″ tier#6, that will hold about 60 additional cupcakes.
CAKE20 = 36″ tier#7, that will hold about 100 additional cupcakes.
All 7 levels combined, will hold about 300 cupcakes.

Item #CAKE18