Soup Warmer (Double)



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Soup Warmer (Double)

Keep soup hot, safe & accessible with this double 5 qt. soup warmer with lids! This soup warmer is a great choice for serving up hot bowls of soups & stews. With two 5 qt. insets, you can serve two different soup options to give your guests a choice. The temp controls allow you to set each inset to a specific temperature. Also, with its heating properties, this warmer makes sure each scoop is warm & delicious. This warmer can also act as a rethermalizer, bringing pre-cooked chilled food back up to a more desirable temperature. Temperature adjustment goes up from 0 to 200 degrees!

Capacity: 10 qt with each inset holding 5 qt

Electrical requirements: 120v, 15 amps circuit required

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Number: SOUP09