Meal Carrier (16 Slot, Insulated)



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Meal Carrier (16 Slot, Insulated)

Double door 16 slot insulated carrier aka “Hot Box”or “Roller Box” on wheels

Side loading for 12″ X 20″ steam table pans.

   16 – 12″ X 20″ X 2″ pans
   12 – 12″ X 20″ X 4″ pans
   8 – 12″ X 20″ X 6″ pans

Outer dimensions: 32″D X 24-1/2″L X 42″ H

Great for hot or cold transport needs.

Note: Place food pans on rails. Pans should NOT be placed on the floor of the unit. If using metal food pans, let cool to 250F before placing onto rails.

Manufacturer: Cambro

Item Number: MEAL03

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