Margarita/ Slushie Machine Single Bowl



Margarita/ Slushie Machine Single Bowl

Unit is insulated so it’s perfect for outdoor parties! Single bowl with 6 gallon capacity.

Machine dimensions: 32″D X 13″W X 29-5/8″H.
Dimensions on stand: 36″D X 24″W X 57″H.

Electrical requirements: 120v, 20 amp. Dedicated 20 Amp circuit is required.

Delivery is REQUIRED because unit must remain upright during transport.
Weight: 200 lbs.

Slush concentrate mix available from CaterRent and sold by the 1/2 gallon bottle which makes 2.5 gallons of product.
Mix product first, then pour into machine.

   Cherry slush mix: SLUS69
   Blue Raspberry slush mix: SLUS71
   Lemonade slush mix: SLUS72
   Piña Colada slush mix: SLUS73
   Strawberry slush mix: SLUS74
   Green Margarita slush mix: SLUS75

Item Number: MARG01

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