Mini Donut Machine



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Mini Donut Machine

Bring State Fair crowd pleasing Mini Donuts to your next event!
Conveyor oven makes up to 600 donuts in one hour.

Electrical Requirements: 120 Volt, 15 Amp Dedicated Circuit is Required. Plugging the oven in directly and not using an extention cord is always best.

Supplies such as donuts, bags and sugar are available for purchase.
   Mini Donuts: MINI72
   Mini Donut Bags: MINI70
   Cinammon & Sugar: MINI71
   Salted Caramel Sugar: MINI73
   Apple Cider Sugar: MINI74
   Pumpkin Spice Sugar: MINI76   SEASONAL TOPPING ONLY
   32oz Dispener Bottle for Sugar: BOTT01

Manufacturer: QCS

Item Number: MINI01

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