Oval Platter


Oval Platter

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Oval Platter

Easily create an elegant table setting with these oval platters.
Featuring a variety of attractive colors, these platters will complement a variety of dishes.

Its warm color provides a nice contrast to your signature cuisines, allowing them to be the star of the meal.
All of the platter’s have an attractive rolled edge to help prevent messes and spills.

Oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and ideal for a wide variety of casual dining settings, this platter is a must-rent for your catering event.

From family-friendly restaurants to casual dinner events, these oval platters offer an elegant dinnerware choice made to impress, while providing a new, sleek look.

Platter Shape Dimensions Color Item #

Oval Platter 5″ W X 7″ L White Item Number: PLAT10
Oval Platter 8″ W X 11 3/4″ L Cream Item Number: PLAT24

Oval Platter 8 1/4″ W X 15″ L Bone White Item Number: PLAT32
(Rack shown in second photo is Item Number: PLAT36 with PLAT32)
Oval Platter 9″ W X 11 1/4″ L Cream Item Number: PLAT12

Oval Platter 9″ W X 12 1/2″ L Off White Item Number: PLAT41
Oval Platter 10 1/4″ W X 12 1/4″ L Cream Item Number: PLAT06

Oval Platter 10 1/2″ W X 13 1/2″ L Cream Item Number: PLAT13
Oval Platter 10 1/2″ W X 13 1/2″ L White Item Number: PLAT40

The daily rate for these platters ranges from $2-$3 a day.

Also available for rent are the following similiar items

Oval Platter 9″ W X 24″ L White Item Number: PLAT46
Rectangular Serving Tray 13″ W X 24″ L White Item Number: TRAY09
(Both of these items are made from melamine.)

Material: Ceramic

Manufacturer: Various

Item Number: PLAT10