Popcorn Machine (12 oz., Tabletop)



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Popcorn Machine (12 oz., Tabletop)

This rental includes 1 popcorn scoop.

Renting a popcorn machine is perfect for almost any occasion or event!

Easy to operate, only takes a few minutes to get ready.
Instructions are included with your paperwork.

Electrical Requirements: 120v 20 Amp Dedicated Circuit REQUIRED
Requires a table or stand
Dimensions: 21″ W x 21″ L x 30 1/2″ H

Additional items available for rent and purchase
   Popcorn warmer/merchandiser: POPC06
   Melted butter pump: PUMP05
   12oz Popcorn pack: POPC71
   Case of 24 packs: POPC74
   Popcorn bags: POPC72

Manufacturer: Star

Item Number: POPC12

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