Pump for Toppings (Heated Spout)



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Pump for Toppings (Heated Spout)

The topping pump is perfect to keep serving area clean of drips
The heated spout helps by keeping the topping/sauce warm so it doesn’t clog the spout.
Nacho Cheese, Hot Fudge, Carmel, Maple Syrup, Hot Mustard signs available

Electrical requirements: 120v, 4 amp circuit required

Toppings Available for purchase in #10 serving cans:
   Chocolate fudge dessert topping #10 can: PUMP70
   Caramel dessert topping #10 can: PUMP71
   Nacho Cheese Sauce #10 can: PUMP72
Each can is good for roughly 100 – 1 oz servings.

Item Number: PUMP04

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