Refrigerated Single Keg Tapster



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Refrigerated Single Keg Tapster

This rental unit features a 1 tap tower to fill pint glasses and pitchers with a variety of malted beverages. The 3″ dispensing tower is designed to have cold air channeled in to keep those beverages at their coldest!

Cooler Holds Full Size 16 Gallon Keg, Works with 8 Gallon Keg Also
Exterior dimensions: 29″D X 24″W X 54″H

CO2 Tank Included, additional 5 lb. CO2 cylinder is available at extra charge. You can serve 6-8 kegs per one 5 lb CO2 Cylinder

Electrical Requirements: 120v, 4 Amp

Wheels Cannot Be Removed for Transportation Due to a Drain Pan
Delivery required due to the delicate nature of this equipment
Must be transported in an upright position

Also available for rent
   60oz Plastic Pitcher: PITC01
   10oz Beverage Mug: GLAS29
   16oz Beverage Mug: GLAS25
   16oz Footed Pint Glass: GLAS42
   11oz Pilsner Glass: GLAS19
   23oz Pilsner Glass: GLAS10
   17oz Porcelain Beverage Mug: GLAS09

Item Number: REFR41

Also known as a Kegerator.

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