Lectern Table (6′ X 1.5′ Wood)



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Lectern Table (6′ X 1.5′ Wood)

Narrow folding table with plywood top and folding metal legs, great for classrooms, conferences & seminars! It’s recommended that the table be covered.

The table measures 18″ wide, 6′ long, and 30″ high. This table is meant for seating 3 on one side. Attendees can be seated along one side of the table and face the visitor at the front of the room. There is plenty of room on the table to fit a pad of paper, water pitcher and glass.

For meetings, these tables can be arranged in a “U” shape, so attendees will be facing one another during the presentations. The 6′ x 18″ table can be set up in an angled pattern that will allow attendees to face toward the speaker for easier viewing.

This table is useful in narrow areas where other larger tables might not fit well, such as hallways. Behind a beverage/food station, this table will keep beverage/food supplies in easy reach while saving space on room.

These tables may NOT fit into a car!

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