Malt Mixer with 1 Head



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Malt Mixer with 1 Head

This 1 head malt mixer is very similar to a blizzard machine!
It’s a single pole blender with room for 1 stainless steel cup.
1 stainless steel cup is provided with rental.
Great for shakes, smoothies, hard ice cream, yogurt, gelato, frozen custard.
Malts and shakes are prepared in a steel cup then served in a tall glass.
Steel cups are usually larger than glasses so any extra malt/milk shake can be served in the mix cup with a soda/parfait spoon.

Unit Dimensions: 9 1/2″ W X 9 1/2″ D X 23″ H.
This malt/shake mixer REQUIRES a 120 Volt 15 Amp dedicated circuit.

Manufacturer: Vita-mix

Item Number: MALT07

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