Wood Display Cart on spoked wheels


Wood Display Cart on spoked wheels

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Wood Display Cart on large spoked wheels

Our wooden display cart is perfect for any event!

With it’s neutral gray color scheme it works great in any setting.

You can use it as a dessert or drink station or as a part of a photo display, its old country look makes it a seamless addition to anything.

This cart measures 57 1/2″ L x 38 1/2″ W x 37 1/4″ H.

The flat surface of this cart is 46 1/2″ L x 28 1/2″ W.

The dimensions of the removeable angled sides are 51″ L x 34″ W x 5 1/2″ H.

Delivery REQUIRED due to the delicate nature of this equipment.

Manufacturer: (unknown)

Item Number: CART10