Chafing Dish (8 Quart, Roll Top)



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Chafing Dish (8 Quart, Roll Top)

Rental includes: Stand, water pan, 2 Sterno holders with covers, and travel tote. Chafer fuel can can be purchased here! STER70
A Chafer will keep hot food hot. Chafers are not meant for cooking or reheating food. This chafer model will hold a 2″ or 4″ deep pan or pans.

Available for additional rental:
Full Size Pans:
   2″ Deep Item Number: PANS13
   4″ Deep Item Number: PANS14
Half Size Pans:
   2″ Deep Item Number: PANS04
   4″ Deep Item Number: PANS03
Third Size Pans:
   2″ Deep: Item Number: PANS01
   4″ Deep: Item Number: PANS05

The cover rolls open to 135 degrees and to 180 degrees.

Dimensions are: 18″D X 26″W X 16-1/2″H
The chafer container dimensions are: 22″D X 42″W X 19-1/2″H
Chafer may not fit into all vehicles!

Also available is the soup station SOUP05 shown inside the chafer. (3rd pic)

Manufacturer: Winco (Venetian)

Item Number: CHAF06

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