Chafing Dish (4 Quart, Soup/Sauce)



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Chafing Dish (4 Quart, Soup/Sauce)

Rental includes: Stand, water pan, sauce pan, and fuel can holder with cover. Chafer fuel can can be purchased here! STER70

Renting extra food pans is a great idea for pre-heating extra food.
Extra 4 quart soup/sauce pans available for rent. BAIN08

The cover lifts off for food access. The cover is also slotted so a serving utensil may be left in.

Dimensions: 8-3/4″W X 14″H.
Chafer container dimensions: 12″D X 12″W X16″H.

Sterno will last approximately 1-1/2 to 3 hours depending on conditions such as indoor/outdoor use, wind, temperature, etc.. Extra cans of Sterno may be purchased.

A Chafer will keep hot food hot. Chafers are not meant for cooking or reheating food!

Manufacturer: Vollrath

Item Number: CHAF17