Chafing Dish (8 Quart Roll Top)


Chafing Dish (8 Quart Roll Top)

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Chafing Dish (8 Quart Roll Top)
Brass and Chrome Two Tone Finish

Rental includes: Stand, water pan, 2 Sterno holders with covers, 2 cans of Sterno & your choice of pan(s).

Food pan options include one of the following (of your choice): 1 full size food pan or 2 half size food pans.
Pans come in either 2″ or 4″ depth. Your choice may be based on how much food you want to be serving at any time.

Renting extra food pans is a great idea for pre-heating extra food.

Full Size
2″ Deep Item Number: PANS13
4″ Deep Item Number: PANS14

Half Size
2″ Deep: Item Number: PANS04
4″ Deep: Item Number: PANS03

Third Size
2″ Deep: Item Number: PANS01
4″ Deep: Item Number: PANS05

The cover rolls open to 90 degrees.

The chafer dimensions are: The side to side width is 25 1/4″ x 14″ Across
Approximately 17″ in height at highest point with cover

Chafer may not fit into all vehicles!

Sterno will last approximately 1-1/2 to 3 hours depending on conditions such as indoor/outdoor use, wind, temperature, etc.. If required additional cans of Sterno may be purchased.

A Chafer will keep hot food hot. Chafers are not meant for cooking or reheating food!

Also available is the Electric Temperature Control CHAF19 if you can’t have an open flame. (Shown in the 3rd and 4th pictures)

Manufacturer Vollrath (Classic)

Item Number: CHAF07

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