Plate/Saucer (6″)



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Plate/Saucer (6″)

Create an inspiring table setting with this 6″ plate. Boasting a cream white color, this plate enhances your best foods so they stand out.

Great for serving apps or salads, this plate is a must-rent for your catering event! Uniquely sculpted rims with gracefully curved lines draw the attention to the center of the plate, emphasizing your delicious dish.

Works perfectly with GLAS07

All of the following rental items are from the Oneida Millennium Collection
10.25″ Plate: PLAT47
6″ Plate: PLAT43
7.5″ Plate: PLAT44
6.25″ Bread & Butter Plate: PLAT45
8oz. Coffe Cup: GLAS07

This plate is also available for rent and is extremely similiar in style.
10.25″ Plate: PLAT20 (Oneida Athena Collection)

Manufacturer: Oneida (Millennium Collection)

Item Number: PLAT43