Banquet Table (8′ X 2.5′ Wood)


Banquet Table (8′ X 2.5′ Wood)

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Banquet Table (8′ X 2.5′ Wood)

Each table is 30″ wide with 30″ high folding legs.

These tables are used for conventions, trade shows, food buffet, or display table, as well as sitting!

It’s recommended that the table be covered.

8′ Banquet Table
8′ (96″) comfortably seats 8 with 4 on each side. (weighs 55 lbs) Plywood TABL05

6′ Banquet Table
6′ (72″) comfortably seats 6 with 3 on each side. (weighs 41 lbs) Plywood TABL04

We sell Kwik Covers! Both 72″ and 96″! In both white and red gingham!

Table may not fit into all vehicles!

Manufacturer: Various

Item Number: TABL05

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